S2VT Pro-Series S2VT ‘Ultimate’ Kit for 3 Valves, 2 Double Switch Panels and 1 Single Switch


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The Pro-Series Drain Master Valve Kit 5934

This Kit is one of the three ‘Ultimate’ Triple kits, and includes everything to install 3 valves for 3 holding tanks operated from 2 Double Switch Panels and 1 Single Rocker Style Switch.
It is ideal for users who prefer to dump the Galley tank from just an outside located switch.

Functionally the 5934 kit is the same as that seen on: www.rvtravel.com but offers 3 valves, 2 Double Switch Panels and 1 Single Switches, IP66 Waterproof.
The full kit includes:

3 Pro-Series S2VT valves with dual port modules, waterproof IP66 rated
2 Double Switch Panels
1 Single switch, sealed IP66, Carlingtech 
1 Switch Plate with Black, Gray and Galley Labels
5 Interface Cables, IP 66, 20 Ft 
Seals, Lube and Hardware for 3 valves

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Pro-Series Valves come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty!