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We know waiting for your ballast to fill is a real headache—

That’s why we developed the ultimate solutions to your everyday boat, RV, industrial, and trailer problems.

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Wake Boat

Ballast Valves

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You’ll be the envy of boaters

Spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time waiting for your motor to pump.

Drain Master Marine Electric Ballast Valves are fast-motion, high torque and easy to install and use. They are 12 volt gate valves that install between the ballasts and transom ballast inlet/outlet ports. The valves are used exclusively on the patented Pure Vert Wake System.

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Quick Fill Ballast Valves

Traditional wake boats add water to on board ballast tanks both under the floor and above using motor driven pumps. While this method works well it is very time consuming. As an example to add 2,000 lbs of water to a boat using pumps takes up to 12 minutes. Our fill system takes just under 1 minute!
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Quick Fill Wake System

The Quick Fill Wake System was developed as a result of extensive testing with the goal of saving fuel, reducing stress on all drive ine components, and not having to need a higher horsepower engine. This is accomplished by having the boat get on plane, BEFORE adding the Ballast water to tanks!
Man driving motorboat in fall

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