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We know sewage is the last thing you want to deal with—

That’s why we developed the ultimate solutions to your everyday RV, boat, industrial, and trailer problems.

You’ll be the envy of RV’ers

Spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time at the pumping station.

With the Ultimate Waste Management System, you have everything you need for safer, faster, cleaner, and easier tank dumping.

Open It

Flush It

Store It

Vent It

Support It

Surpassing Standard Hoses

  • Industrial Strength RV Sewer Hose, Strongest Available
  • Smooth interior prevents waste from getting trapped in the hose
  • Cam Loc fittings eliminate leaks, guaranteed
  • Nozzle with handle and shut off at the sewer inlet
  • Sta-Put feature keeps hose neatlly in place
  • RV Sewer Hose Storage Systems for 5th wheels, toy haulers, travel trailers and motorhomes

Drain Master Electric Valves

With just the push of a button!

  • Dump your tanks from inside your RV, perfect for bad weather

  • Replaces manual or troublesome cable pull valves

  • Dump tanks with push button ease

  • Complete system is plug and play so installation is fast and easy

  • Opens in less than a second

Improve Your RV Experience

  • Buy High Quality Products that make your Job Quick, Easy, and Sanitary

  • Dump Your Holding Tanks without the Mess

  • Enjoy RV Excursions with Peace of Mind

  • Find a Wealth of Information on Our Site

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