Our customer Darrel Shearer called DrainMaster to share his solution to installing his Drain Master valves on his RV. Darrel had had trouble keeping the seals on the flanges while trying to slip the valve between the flanges. The RV manufacturer left no room to separate the flanges and located them under the RV in a very awkward place to work.

After fighting the plumbing and having the seals slip out of position causing the valve to leak through during testing. Six or seven attempts later with no success, he decided a better method was needed.

Darrel found an old FOR SALE sign laying around, the kind you buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot to sell, rent or warn or inform people. The material is thin plastic, so he cut a couple of strips and after installing the seals on the flanges he slipped the two strips of plastic over the seals, then slid the valve down between the strips. Once in place, he carefully removed the first strip and then seal went into the valve perfectly. Darrel then removed the second strip and to his delight, the other seal went right into position! Because his flanges were so close, he simply moved the valve slightly to align the bolt holes, installed the bolts and nuts finger tight and tightened the nuts (no more than 1.5 turns), plugged in the valve and proceeded with his test by adding water to the holding tanks. Success!! The procedure came from desperation and is very simple and VERY effective!

Darrel was excited to share the information with us so we could pass the idea on to other RV’ers. If you have a tip that has made installing your valve easier, we would love to hear it!