28 ft. “Always Connected” Waste Master Sewer Hose & Vent Kit 5969



  • 28 Ft Waste Master Hose with Nozzle PN 5814
  • Vent Assembly Kit PN 5903

This Kit allows the hose to stay “Always Connected” and stored in the wet bay.

Applications: Motorhomes

Can this work on your motorhome?  Use this HANDY GUIDE to find out.


Product Description

This Kit comprises Vent Assembly Kit PN 5903 and Waste Master Hose with Nozzle
PN 5814. The complete Waste Master 28 Ft Hose can be stored in most large Motorhome

The included Vent Kit PN 5903 allows air release for easy hose extend and retract
with dump valves closed. Meant for Motorhomes, this kit has everything needed
for an ‘Always Connected’ hose. The hose may be easily removed, if required, for


The kit has everything needed to create a complete system with the hose “Always
Connected” eliminating the need to connect and disconnect every time. The system
totally simplifies waste management – the most challenging task for RVers.

The Vent Assembly allows the hose to readily extend or retract with dump valves
closed. The Vent kit comes with a Female Cam Loc pre-threaded with 3/4 in.
NPT to hook up the Air Release Valve (ARV); other required fittings, piping
and elbow are all included. The ARV permits air flow in and out of the hose
but seals up instantly in presence of liquid allowing completely normal drain

The included Hose uses patented ‘Stay-Put’ technology with 4:1 collapsibility
which allows the 28 ft Hose to collapse down to approximately 8 ft long and store easily in the bay with the nozzle.

To Dump Tanks:

  • Access the wet bay
  • Grab the convenient nozzle handle & pull out the hose
  • Plug the nozzle into the ground inlet
  • Dump tanks

To Store:

  • Close the nozzle valve & pull it out
  • Collapse the hose back into the bay to re-store it with
    the nozzle. It’s that simple.

*The hose can be removed should the need arise.

If you need help we will gladly provide any advice and hand holding needed
and share with you examples of other installations. Man’s mind when stretched
to new dimensions never shrinks back to the old – once you enjoy the convenience
of an “Always Connected” hose you will never go back to the old way! RVers
who have this system are simply overjoyed with it and are sharing their stories
with others. So will you!


Technical Data


Length Extended: 28 Ft
Length Collapsed: 8 Ft
Extend to Retract Ratio: 4:1
Dia.: 3 in.
Max OD: 3.6 in. Over the Cuffs
Wall Thickness: 25 Mil (0.025 in.)
Wall Material: Proprietary Co-Polymer Blend
Construction: ‘Stay – Put’ Patented Technology, Helical Out-side – wall
inside, no-wire, crushproof
Helical Cross Section Dia.: 160 mil (0.160 in.)
Nozzle: Pre-fitted, with Handle, Shut off valve and Clear view Fitting

Donut: Included on nozzle, Black



Type: Industrial Grade, Leak Proof Female fitting using Cam Loc Technology
ID: 3.51 in. (fits over std. 3 in. ID plumbing)
Barrel OD: 4.125 in.
Max OD: 4.35 in.; (Collar end)
Length: 4.32 in.; (without Cap)
Length: 4.9 in.; Max (with cap engaged measured over ring retainer boss)
Max width across levers closed: 5.55 in.
Max width across levers open: 9.7 in.
Insertion depth over 3 in.; ID Plumbing: 0.5 in.; Min, 1.7 in.; max
Mounting method: ABS glue
Cap: Male Cam Loc with Chain and Ring retainer included
Sealing: Rubber gasket pre-installed in Female Cam Loc
Threading: 3/4 in. NPT Pre-threaded to fit Air Release Valve
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Click to view: Cam Loc Dimensions in detail Doc. WM 78

Type: Poly Flotation Ball and internal Ring seal
Height: 5 in.; Max, with Cap, including 3/4 in.; NPT male threaded shank
Height: 4.25 in. with cap, excluding threaded shank
Body Barrel OD: 1.55 in.
Max Body OD: 1.85 in.
Max Cap OD: 1.7 in.
Cap Threading: 3/4 in. Garden Hose


3/4in. FNPT to FNPT Qty1
3/4 in. MNPT to Quick Connect Qty 2
3/4 in. MNPT to FNPT 90 Deg Elbow Qty 1

ID: 0.725 in.
OD: 0.825 in.
Wall Thickness: 50 mil (0.05 in.)
Length supplied: 4 Ft +/- 3 in. (to be cut as needed based on application)


Shipping Weight: 13 Lbs


We designed the Sta-Put sewer hose material specifically for the RV industry. Existing hoses on the market are made of sub standard material and won’t consistently do the job in an uneventful, simple and sanitary way, so we set out to fix that! With proper care and use, this industrial strength hose will perform flawlessly for many years. We are so confident in its quality that we warrant it to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 5 YEARS. The longest in the industry. This includes the hose, fittings, nozzle and vent system.

This warranty applies only to Waste Master hoses that were assembled by our technician who has over 2 decades of experience. Hoses purchased on Amazon.com are not sold by us and do not fall under this warranty.