WM 2 Outlet-Hose-Kit-1


This Kit uses 2 extension Hoses, each 10 Ft (extended) and a 3″ Tee with fittings combining 2 outlets to 1 outgoing hose.
This kit is for users who may have Female Cam Loc fittings and / or WM Hose and need some ordering flexibility (see below)

PN 5931 Kit includes:

Qty 1- 5920 3″ Tee
Qty 3- 5661 Female Cam Loc fittings
Qty 4- 5599 Red Hose Caps
Qty 2- 5922 10 Ft Extension hoses

Order any needed items from the Links below to complete the set up
Female Cam Loc fittings (1 or 2) – PN 5661
Waste Master Sewer Hose –
PN 5816 (20Ft)
5814 (28 Ft)

[Items listed under Hose Replacement Parts]


We have been using the system for several months and really appreciate its ease of use and storage; great adjunct to our full-time lifestyle.

Tod H.

Santa Fe, NM