Waste Master 28 Foot RV Sewer Hose System

Man Holding Wastemaster 28 foot RV Sewer Hose

Only Available at Drain Master!

  • Industrial Grade fittings (guaranteed leak free).
  • Uses the strongest sewer hose available.
  • Convenient nozzle allows for shut off at the sewer inlet.
  • Clear View section lets you know when the water is clear.
  • 4 to 1 Compression Ratio means it’s only 2 feet longer than the 20 ft hose when collapsed for storage!

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Waste Master 28 ft RV Sewer Hose System

Hose and nozzle
  • Full Kit Includes Everything Needed to Dump
  • All-in-one, No Loose Fittings to Connect or Store
  • Heavy Duty Cam Loc Fitting to ensure leak-proof connection
  • Patented Waste Master Sta-Put hose
  • Strongest Sewer Hose Available
  • Smooth Interior / Helical coil outside
  • UV-protected Hose
  • Stays extended during use to the exact length required
  • Permanently connected nozzle with easy-grip handle
  • Clear view section to see when the water is clear
  • Compresses down to approximately 8ft.
  • 90 degree discharge port for any sewage inlet
  • Easy Installation
  • Back to Bayonet Fitting Available
  • Cam Loc fitting installs onto Wye Adapter as well!


I have, over the past 10 years of owning motorhomes, purchased at least 4 different waste hose systems looking for the holy grail of dump hose set ups.

With your Waste Master Cam Lock Adapter Kit I finally seem to have found it.

Retrofitting the cam lock to my existing set up was straight forward and simple. Setting up my sewer drain hose is now simple and for the first time gives me complete confidence there will be no more leaks and the dump process will be as clean and easy as promised.

Extremely satisfied Customer,

~R. Hurst

Thank you for the wonderful tour of your factory and the courtesy audit of our 2008 Newell Coach Waste Master installation. I can certainly understand why we have never received a Waste Master system from you that was less than perfect. Your testing of each and every system before it is shipped is truly unique in the industry, and makes for very happy customers.

Keep up the good work.

~John Clark

Vice President/Customer Service, Newell Coach Corporation

We replaced our failed Sani Con dump system with your Waste Master product about three months ago and are 1000% satisfied with both the performance and the quality of the materials used.

It’s nice NOT to have the factory-installed hoses leak anymore (the pump dripped since new) and being able to thoroughly empty the tanks in a few seconds–compared to about five minutes with the old one. The pump is a real joy–faster and it really IS cleaner.

The best part is finally getting rid of a very slight sewage odor that persisted since the first day we took our coach out, despite my meticulous tank maintenance program and use of chemicals, now the only thing the dw (Dear Wife) comments on when coming out of the bathroom is how nice the hand soap smells !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all you help and technical assistance.

~Betsy & Tom

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