Omron Double switch panel to operate 2 Pro-Series valves


Double Switch Panel, with 2 snap-action switches to operate ‘Gray’ and ‘Black’ tank Pro-Series valves. This panel is for RV interior locations that are not exposed to water. Each panel switch has a Bright RED and Soft GREEN status LED, unobtrusive in RV interior lighting. For RV exterior applications, such as wet bays, use matching Water-Proof IP66, Double Switch Panel PN 5985,  or other switches from our range.

Double Switch panel assembly alone, connecting cables not included.

1 Year Warranty


• Elegant space saving 2 switch panel
• Application : RV interior use, dry locations
• Powder coated front, rear and edges
• 2 switches to operate Pro-Series ‘Black’ and ‘Gray’ tank valve.
• Snap action, light tactile touch switches, activated through open windows in panel
• Each switch has 2 status LEDs – GREEN: valve ‘Closed’, RED : valve ‘Open’
• High brightness Red LED and Soft Green LED unobtrusive in RV interiors
• Switch colors indicate their function, set in matching color insets with bold legends
• Gray Stain Finish background with UV ink printed color insets, outlines and legends
• Custom PCB assembly with RJ 11 interface sockets – compatible with all Pro-Series products
• Mounts to RV panel via 4 mounting holes – mounting screws included
• Compliments (as a set) exterior use IP66 Double Panel PN 5985

Items compatible with this Double Switch Panel :
PN 5955 20 Foot Cable for S3VT valves. Each switch requires one interface cable; two per panel
PN 5846 20 Foot Cable for older S2VT valves. Each switch requires one interface cable; two per panel

Double Switch Panel is often used in combination with:

• S3VT valve PN 6009
• IP66 Double Switch Panel PN 5985
• Mono Switch Housing PN 5964-E
• Carlingtech Single Switch PN 5787-E

Technical Data



• Type: Flush mount, with 2 switches and custom PCB assembly
• Application: Dry locations, such as RV interiors
• Size: 4 Inch (W) x 3 Inch (H)
• Thickness 0.08 inch (80mil) (2mm)
• Material: Aluminum
• Graphics: UV ink color legends, insets and outlines
• Panel Finish: Gray Satin Powder coated both sides and edges
• Mounting holes: 0.13 inch dia. x 4, located 0.30 inch x 0.30 inch from corners
• Max mounting panel thickness: 0.269 inch (6.83 mm)
• Rear clearance: 0.80 inch (20.26 mm) measured from front of mounting panel (panel seating surface)


• Type: Hinged, Tactile, Snap Action
• Color: 1 Black, 1 Gray
• Size: 0.7 Inch (H) x 0.5 Inch (W), 18 mm (H) x 12 mm (W)
• Interface: 2 x 6/4 RJ 11 sockets (1 per switch), gold plated contacts, mounted on rear PCB assembly
• Actuating force: Apr. 4.5 Oz, (130 gm)
• Actuating stroke: 0.016 Inch (16 mil), (0.4 mm)
• Illumination: Internal Bright RED and Soft GREEN LEDs unobtrusive in RV interiors
• Operating life: > 100,000 cycles


Double Switch Panel Installation Instructions are covered in document link below:

DM 89 S2VT Switch and IP 66 Cable Installation

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