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Pro-Series S3VT Kit [2 Valves 6012-INT] | Drain Master RV

Pro-Series S3VT Kit [2 Valves 6012-INT]


Drain Master Pro-Series S3VT Valves come with a 5 year warranty !
The Smart Sensing Valve Technology features:

On-board custom, slim profile Electronic controller
Waterproof IP66 rating
Small molded style connectors with easy-routing interconnect cables.
Direct to Valve 12VDC Power- lossless regardless of switch to valve distance
Controller opens or closes valve in under a second.
Push button triggered, no switch press time dependency
High accuracy solid state sensors and feedback control
Controller stops motor at precise target position
Stainless Steel gearing
Vastly improved reliability and precision.
Lossless reverse polarity protection
Power-Up sensing – Valve homes to ‘safe’ closed position at power up
Power-on Green LED indicator
Protection Seals on 12V power connector and included pigtail
Expandability – easy to add more Valves and switches
Adaptable to External controllers and Automation
RoHS and Lead Free compliant

More information on S3VT Valve kits, compatible products and optional accessories available at:DM103 S3VT Valve Configuration Guide.pdf


Pro-Series S3VT kits are upgraded versions of the S2VT family.
S3VT valves have smaller molded style connectors and easy – routing interconnect cables.
Drain Master Smart Sensing Valve Technology features a custom designed, slim profile, waterproof IP66 on-board electronic controller which handles 12VDC directly to the valve motor eliminating power loss regardless of the distance from the operator switch. The electronic controller opens or closes the valve in under a second. The movement is independent of the switch pressing time. Using high accuracy solid state sensors and feedback the controller stops the motor at the target position, vastly improving overall reliability and precision. The system is reverse polarity protected and features a power-on LED. At power up, the Green LED on the Controller lights up and the valve will home to ‘safe’ closed position. The 12V power connector comes with protection seals and matching pigtail for easy connectivity.

Each Double Switch Panel has 2 snap action, tactile switches in Black and Gray set in
matching graphic outlines. The panel features digitally imaged graphics protected by a clear,
UV and wear resistant, overlay. One Double Switch Panel is mounted at a convenient location inside
the RV while the 2nd is mounted in the outer panel in a location protected from water.

The Single switch (Carlingtech) are sealed water proof (IP 66 rated) rocker style typically mounted in the
outer panel for the ‘Galley’ tank. With this arrangement the Black and Gray Tank valves can be operated from
either location for the ultimate in convenience, while the Galley Tank valve is operated from the outside panel.

All switches have 2 LED lights – GREEN lights up when valve is ‘Closed’, RED when valve is ‘Open’.

Single Operator switches come in two illumination versions: PN 5787- DM30 – SVT- EXT has Super bright Red and Super bright Green LEDs;
PN 5787- DM30 – SVT- INT has bright Red LED and Soft Green LED. Please specify the versions in the comments field at check out.

The included 20 Ft interface cables connect the switches to the dual port. The controller, connectors and interface cables are waterproof (IP 66 rated).
S3VT interconnect cables have reduced diameter and greater flexibility for routing ease. Custom cable lengths are available.


Often bought together optional accessories:

• DC 20 AMP System Master Switch DM PN 5890-DM30-20Amp SW- allows the system to be safely enabled or disabled
• Fuse Holder DM 5891-DM-Fuse Holder
• Glass fuse 5892-DM-Glass Fuse-FB-5 (5 Amp rating)
• Glass fuse 5892-DM-Glass Fuse-FB-15 (15 Amp rating)

More information on pre-configured S3VT Valve kits, compatible products and optional accessories is available at:
DM103 S3VT Valve Configuration Guide.pdf

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