Dealing with RV waste has been a time consuming, labor intensive and often unhygienic process. With the new Pro Series line of Drain Master electronic valves, manual dumping is a thing of the past. Automated dumping allows the operator to deal with RV waste safely and efficiently.

Although still effective, in our previous models the Premium Drain Master Valves needed 12VDC power at the switch. With the new Pro-Series Valve switch, the power runs through the valve instead of the switch. A milliamp signal from the valve’s on-board controller is sent to the operator switch to activate the valves. This saves time, money, and materials with the entire installation process.

Drain Master Pro-Series Switches Green Light

Interior Switches

Drain Master Pro-Series Switches

Exterior Switches

The Pro-Series Valve Switch features two LED lights. One light is green for when the waste valve is closed, and one is red for when the waste valve is open. The Carlingtech switch has a watertight seal rated at IP66, and can be mounted on any covered location like a wet bay or compartment.

The Pro-Series Valve Cable features a 20-foot permanently attached interface, which connects the valve switch to the two controller ports via an RJ11 connector.  50- foot cables are available by special order, just give us a call.

This allows the dump valve to be operated from two locations. And as automated dumping becomes more advanced, the second port can be interfaced with other devices.

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