The other morning while talking to a customer about his neighbor’s gray tank being caked with Black waste, he mentioned the need to clean his sewer hose after dumping, with fresh water from the spigot.

Lots of folks do this, and quite frankly it is not a good practice, especially if they use their fresh water hose! I have seen people use the fresh water spigot, without a hose on it and put the coach end of the sewer hose up to the spigot then turn it on, yuk!

The proper method to clean your sewer hose before storing, is to leave it connected to the RV and the sewer inlet.

rv sewer hose - gray tank

First dump the Black water, and the Gray water second.

(Most people do this and know it is the right procedure. What they do then, is disconnect the hose from the coach and wash it inside as described above.)

Next close the Gray valve and use the tank flusher mounted in the Gray tank, to fill the tank 2/3rds full.

garnet tank monitor

Then open the valve and let the water go.

drain master valve

If the coach does not have a tank flusher in the Gray tank. (and most do not)
Fill the Gray tank by turning on the taps for the sinks and watch the tank monitor until the tank is 2/3rds full.

drawing of turning on water

Shut off the taps, open the valve and let the water clean the inside of the hose.

If you follow our “First in Last Out” procedure found here you will disconnect the hose from the RV, attach the plug and walk the hose out to the sewer inlet. The remaining water in the hose will drain out of the hose and into the sewer. Remove the sewer fitting. Immediately put the cap on it while over the sewer inlet, or in our case, close the nozzle and remove it.  Then take the hose assembly back to the coach for storage.