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Dumping your RV Holding Tank can be EASY!

Dumping holding tanks on an RV should not be difficult but for almost every RV out there, it can be a challenge and a mess. Now, a new RV sewer hose storage solution is available. We discovered a way to make dumping holding tanks as simple as putting gas in your car!

RV Sewer Hose Storage Container

The largest volume of RV’s manufactured are travel trailers (TT) and 5th wheels.  For the aftermarket, we focused on this area first.  It turned out that the solution was pretty simple.  Add a storage container under the RV in such a way that it lines up with the RV’s sewer outlet.  This requires only minor modifications to the current sewer hose connection port.


When installed, the end user simply:

  1. Opens the hose storage box pulls out the nozzle;
  2. Inserts it in the approved sewer inlet; and,
  3. Opens the shut off lever.

When the dumping process is complete the user:

  1. Closes the shut off valve;
  2. Removes the nozzle from the ground sewer inlet; and,
  3. Returns the hose and nozzle to its storage container.

We have never witnessed an easier to use system that anyone can use, nor that is more sanitary and environmentally friendly.

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