[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] We have been helping customers with RV waste related issues for a long time creating many satisfied, if not down right elated customers! One service that you may benefit from is our free waste system evaluation.

As many of you know RVs are sold to customers because of the look of the exterior and the interior appointments. The sales staff at any RV dealer knows this and caters to it, as do the manufacturers. The process of designing and building an RV is what I call “Bling Backward Engineering”. The process begins with the interior floor plan and everything else is worked in around it.

Many years ago we took a close look at the “systems” part of the RV in depth, focusing on the process of connecting and storing the necessities to connect to RV site services, electricity, fresh water and sewer. The ways manufacturers designed these components into their products, appeared to be an afterthought. There did not seem to be any standards, other than what NFPA 1192 set, as standards for RV manufacturers to conform to. As with computers there are 40 ways to do the same thing and that is exactly what happend here. Good or bad it is the way its done.

We, on a regular basis are asked if our products will work on customers RV and we have to look at each RV as a seperate project, because none of the service connections are the same from year to year or model to model.

Our new customer tool, RV Waste System Evaluation, is designed to help our customers optimize their own RV waste management system. All we really need is a couple of good photos of the existing waste system to return a complete list of possible alternates to make the process of dumping your tanks uneventful and environmentally friendly.

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