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Pro-Series S3VT Kits


Drain Master Pro-Series S3VT Valves come with a 5 year warranty !
The Smart Sensing Valve Technology features:

On-board custom, slim profile Electronic controller
Waterproof IP66 rating
Small molded style connectors with easy-routing interconnect cables.
Direct to Valve 12VDC Power- lossless regardless of switch to valve distance
Controller opens or closes valve in under a second.
Push button triggered, no switch press time dependency
High accuracy solid state sensors and feedback control
Controller stops motor at precise target position
Stainless Steel gearing
Vastly improved reliability and precision.
Lossless reverse polarity protection
Power-Up sensing – Valve homes to ‘safe’ closed position at power up
Power-on Green LED indicator
Protection Seals on 12V power connector and included pigtail
Expandability – easy to add more Valves and switches
Adaptable to External controllers and Automation
RoHS and Lead Free compliant

More information on S3VT Valve kits, compatible products and optional accessories available at:DM103 S3VT Valve Configuration Guide.pdf


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 Valve, 2 Valves, 3 Valves, 4 Valves

Switch Combo

1OS Mono MSH -Ext + 1OS Mono MSH -INT, 1x OS in Mono MSH-INT, 1x Quad MSH w 4xOS-INT + 1xQuad MSH w 4xOS-EXT, 1xDbl. Pnl., 1xDbl. Pnl. + 2xOS-EXT, 1xDual MSH w 1xOS-EXT + 1xMS, 1xDual MSH w 2x OS-INT, 1xDual MSH w 2xOS-EXT, 1xDual MSH w 2xOS-INT + 1xDual MSH w 2xOS-EXT, 1xOS – EXT + 1xOS-INT + 2xDbl. Pnl., 1xOS in Mono MSH-EXT, 1xOS-EXT, 1xOS-EXT + 1xOS-INT, 1xOS-EXT + 2xDbl. Pnl., 1xOS-INT, 1xOS-INT+ 2xDbl. Pnl., 1xPenta MSH w 4xOS-EXT & 1xMS, 1xPenta MSH w 4xOS-EXT & 1xMS + 1xQuad MSH w 4xOS-INT, 1xQuad MSH w 3xOS-EXT & 1xMS, 1xQuad MSH w 3xOS-EXT & 1xMS + 1xTriple MSH w 3xOS-INT, 1xQuad MSH w 4xOS-EXT, 1xQuad MSH w 4xOS-INT, 1xTriple MSH w 2xOS-EXT & 1xMS + 1xDual MSH w 2xOS -INT, 1xTriple MSH w 3xOS-EXT + 1xDbl. Pnl., 1xTriple MSH w 3xOS-INT + 1xDbl. Pnl., 1xTriple MSH w 3xOS-INT + 1xTriple MSH w 3xOS-EXT, 2xDbl. Pnl., 2xOS-INT + 2xOS-EXT, 3xOS-INT + 3xOS-EXT

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